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Basketball Personal Training

Denver Rain Basketball has an exclusive basketball personal training program for youth basketball athletes! Take your skills to the next level as you Leap To Greatness

Every Private Training Participant receives dedicated 1-on-1 coaching, training, drilling and development of their skills on the court! 

Pricing: $6075/hr (one athlete)

Find out why thousands of families choose Rain Basketball every season!

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Basketball Private Group Training

Our Denver Private Group Lessons:

From your child and 3 friends to an entire basketball team, we will coach, train, educate and develop every aspect of their game! 

Speed, strength & agility training where our athletes are able to develop their athletic abilities, improve conditioning and get prepared for the physicality of the game.

Rigorous basketball training regimen that will truly test the limits of current ability and push your child’s skills far beyond!

Pricing: $30/athlete/hr (Minimum 4 athletes)

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Tuesdays & Thursdays

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Teams are divided by grade. Placement will be based on skill level and experience.